Terms & Conditions

This page contains the terms and conditions of Storejees. If you are a visitor, you hereby give your consent to these terms and conditions, Any violation of these terms and conditions shall be liable for prosecution and we shall not be responsible for any loss to our visitors on account of legal action taken by our team. 


All images, graphics, and other text-based content published on this website is the sole property of Storejees. Intellectual property rights of the entire contents of this website are the sole property of Storejees. Visitors to the website are strongly prohibited against downloading and using any image or text content of the website for personal or commercial us. Prior permission from the company is necessary if a visitor wishes to use any information published on our website. Any such action is liable for legal action and we shall not be held responsible for any loss to the violator.


Visitors to the website of Storejees are not allowed to make use of the design, images, content, and illustrations as they are licensed and owned by the company. No one has the right to modify, download, publish, or sell any content published on our website. It does not matter whether the visitor has used the content on our website for personal reasons or commercial gains.  If our content is used or shared on social media or any other website in part or in whole, the person who does so shall be liable for prosecution form our legal team.


The information published on our website is for instructional purposes only and we do not take any responsibility for any injury or loss experienced by our visitors on account of following this information. The same is applicable to the entire range products sold by us that have been designed with care to last long and to provide the desired results to the users. We shall not be responsible in any way for any injury to the customer because of improper use of the product. 


At Storejees, we reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of our website at any time we deem fit. If and when we introduce any changes to our terms and conditions, we try to update them and publish the same on this page of the website. Our visitors are encouraged to frequently visit this page to get an understanding about these changes. 


We make every effort to maintain the high standards of quality that we have set for ourselves. We make sure that the products shipped to our customers are exactly the ones that they have ordered on the basis of images and text published on the website. If the customer observes and changes in the color or the design of the product, we shall not be reasonable for it as it may be a result of the change of lot from the manufacturer. However, we do take responsibility if the customer has received a defective or damaged product and replace it with a new one without any delay.


We reserve the right to decline an order placed by a customer on account of non availability of the product or suspicious activity of the customer.