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Biker Jackets for Women

Bike riding is a thrilling activity, which brings a lot of excitement and delight. Previously, it was considered a sport for men only, but now women are also enjoying bike riding. Bike riding is associated with gloves, jackets, and boots. Womens Biker Jacket are different from men’s; they are more stylish, have different cuts, and are different in size.

Different types of leather for women biker jackets

These outfits are manufactured with different types of leather. 

  • Cowhide: It is considered the most durable type of leather, so most biker jackets are made. It protects against dust, sunlight, and wind. It also protects against bruises and minor injuries. 
  • Sheepskin: It gives a luxurious look to the jacket and is much lighter in weight than cowhide. It acts as an insulator when the weather is cold and keeps you warm. 
  • Goat Skin: It is the combination of the above two types. It is durable and at the same time supple too. That is the reason it’s expensive but provides you protection and enhances your looks with style. 

What do you get at Store Jees?

Here we offer a wide range of Womens Biker Jacket. You can find a variety of classic colors like brown and black. Other than that, colors associated with women, particularly pink, purple, and maroon, are also available here. We have studded jackets and some simple options as well. So you can get the style of your choice. All the sizes are available here but make sure to consult our size chart first. We use the best quality fabric, and besides that, zips, studs, and buttons are also top-notch quality. Our professional craftsmen are very particular about the stitching and details. So you will get the best outfit here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Womens Biker Jacket casual wear?

A: Yes, you can wear them for everyday life activities. You can match it with different dresses according to season. For example, it will look great with a floral dress in spring, and in fall, you can match it with your favorite skirt. 

Q: Are these jackets warm?

A: Leather jackets are warm, but you can choose a shearling jacket for the cold months of winter. You can also wear a hoodie inside this outfit, as it is a popular street style these days.

Q: What is the suitable weather for a leather jacket?

A: You can wear leather jackets all year round. Lambskin is very soft and lighter in weight, and suitable for summers. On the other hand, cowhide is heavy, and you must wear it in fall and winter only. 

Q: How to wear a biker jacket to get different looks?

A: You can change your look by using different accessories. Wear this jacket with heavy boots, gloves, and ripped jeans if you want a biker’s look. For a casual look, you can avoid biker-related stuff. A simple pair of jeans will be enough for a casual look.

Womens Biker Jacket

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