Men’s Bomber jackets are taking over the jacket scene as they bring an epic combo of style and versatility. If you’re a fashion guru then you know the bomber jacket is essential to have in your wardrobe, but for those who are unaware of the swagger that comes with the bomber jacket, here’s all you need to know.


Spotting a Bomber jacket is easy, styling it is easier. The Bomber jacket can be seen throughout the whole year, and this means that there is an abundance of different types and variations of the Bomber. This jacket has been worn by pilots for a long time but has eventually become a staple in the fashion industry. The key ingredients for a bomber include elasticated cuffs and hems, a zipper down the middle, and a defined collar.

What was originally made out of leather is now being made with nylon, polyester, wool, and more, adding even more different styles to this jacket. Do I have to tell you more about how easy it is to fit this beauty into your everyday outfit?

Rocking a Bomber Jacket

Simply wearing a bomber jacket won’t cut it. If you want to express your superior fashion sense then you’re going to have to nail the outfit. The men’s bomber jacket comes in different shapes and sizes and you have to make sure you find the right fit. The cuffs have to be exactly level with your wrists, the bottom level with your hips, and the collars barely in contact with your neck.

The bomber comes in different colors and a basic white tee and black pair of jeans could comfortably complement any color or style. However, that is only a minimalistic option, and that is just a beginning to your bomber wearing journey.

Which Bomber Jacket Do I Rock?

Like I’ve emphasized, the men’s bomber jacket has many variants. It’s entirely up to you which one you want to wear and you have to decide which one fits your vibe. Now before you start planning your outfits let me tell you about the different types of bomber jackets. Don’t worry, you’ll be an expert by the end of this and be the coolest looking dude in town.

The aviator bomber: It’s the original bomber we are all used to seeing in the movies. It is one of the coziest options to keep out the cold and bring out the swagger. The khaki aviator bomber is one of the go-tos when out on a cold night.

The flight bomber: Throwback to World War I, this bomber jacket is what all the pilots used to wear with their sunglasses looking fly. That duo is still a fashionable option. Furthermore, the flight bomber has evolved and is being made in nylon, suede, but the leather remains the most iconic. Throw in a few patches and badges here and there and you’ll be looking like a pilot in no time.

The wind bomber: Now if the weather is chilly, then you want to pick yourself a wind bomber up and you’ll be set. This bomber is cross between a bomber and a winter coat with wooly hood and a warm inside.

The varsity bomber: This one is for my college jocks and university athletes. This jacket instantly makes you look cooler and comes in different colors and styles with an assortment of stripes, numbers, and even a team logo. If an athletic look is what you’re going for, then look no further.

Easy Color Combinaton to Make you Look Good 

Each article of clothing matters and contributes to your overall look when you wear a men’s bomber jacket. Here are a few different combinations you should definitely try.

  1. The white bomber, coupled with a soft blue pair of jeans and some light-colored tee and white kicks. This combo is an elite fashion statement.
  2. The khaki bomber, brownish pants, and a white t-shirt. Bring out the earthish colors.
  3. The black leather bomber, black jeans, and a black hoodie underneath. A dark but fresh look.
  4. The burgundy varsity bomber and everything else blacked out. A sinister yet stylish combo.

And boom that is it. You are now a bomber expert and will be knocking everyone out with your hot bomber outfits. Feel free to get creative and make up your own looks too.

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